Blueprints – licence to produce


Blueprints in Farsite is a license to produce a Ship or a Module (cNFT).

Blueprint is a crafting recipe describing an item, materials and a facility required to produce an item. Every item in the game can be produced by a player. Blueprints are initially issued by game developers in the Crates. Some Blueprints are unique or limited and will never be issued again.

Producing a game item shall be performed in a special building on Base in a Sector that requires, among other things, a Blueprint. Items are location based. You need to transport them to other Station markets if your Station does not buy them or offers too cheap price.

Blueprints: Original and a Copy

Owning an original Blueprint allows to produce an item without limits. Original Blueprint’s owner is allowed to create unlimited copies of a Blueprint — that will require a lot of Credits and some extremely rare Resources.

Blueprints copies will have limit of the amount of uses, and may also have longer production times or decreased power of an item.

Now imagine having Original blueprint for some ship. You are only person in Farsite Universe who is able to produce that ship. Blueprint is also a cNFT. When you have Original Blueprint, you can make copies with given number of uses. Then you can sell that Blueprint Copy on market. So you still have Original Blueprint, and after Copy uses are spent, there will be no other ships of that type in universe.

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