Building a Base on Planet Sector

Base - Building a base in Farsite

Building a Base is the core element in the game items production process. Base a set of connected buildings constructed on a Sector map. There may be only one Base constructed in a Sector on a Planet.

Built by a player (Sector owner), a Base consists of independent buildings those are connected to each other. Buildings can only be connected with existing buildings, so that all parts of the base will always be in one piece. Each building has its function and requirements to be constructed and operate.

In its core, a Base allows to mine Ore, refine resources, produce Components, Ammo, craft Modules and Ships.

Choosing a correct place to establish a base on a sector map (one Sector on image) is most likely to be the most important piece of strategy. Building a base will determinate how much resources you can produce, or how much items you can manufacture, on limited Sector area.

Like other items and Modules, Sector where you build a Base is cNFT, which means you can trade your Sector with Base and all upgrades in it. It is expected that some Sectors and therefore Bases will be very expensive, like square meters in city center.

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