Components and Ammunition – Consumables

Components are the elements required to produce Ships and Modules. Components are created using Resources in a special facility on a Base. Manufacturers specialize in Component and Item Production. Components and Ammunition are traded on market, but they do not have value in cryptocurrency, they are not cNFT.

Components and Ammunition in Farsite

Ammunition is consumables for Weapon modules used in fight, and like Components, they do not have value in cNFT, but can trade them on market for Credits.

Types of Ammunition in Farsite
Each type of Weapon has it’s corresponding type of an Ammunition:

Ammunition is produced by players in a special facility in a Base on Planet. Different type of Ammunition and Weapons are used depending on mission goals. Some weapons are better against Structures while others do more damage to Ships which can be upgraded with various defensive modules. Ammunition and Components are consumables for which there is always demand. They must be constantly produced for game and players to develop. That can create abundance of item quantities offered on market, which will drop price. When that happen and you see you do not get enough profits, change fast, adapt to new changes and identify what are other items are missing on market, and start to produce them.

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