Explorer Career – Have a Stories to Tell


Explorer Career - Have a Stories to Tell

As a Explorer discover the vast universe and hunt for exotic Materials. Jump through Stars to find a rare Asteroid, Comet or an Anomaly. You will always have a bunch of stories to tell about your adventures.

Explorers are very special Career and their playstyle is different as they do not stay for long on one place. While some players will rarely get out of safety and into unknown dangers, explorer will do just that. Equip explorers like are sensors and or detectors to find rare items or materials, or to hide their presence. They equip their ships with modules that help them survive and escape out of danger if possible.

Explorers often use FTL traveling, they jump between Constalations to go deep in space. While ships are in space, they can be attacked, and Explorers are best equipped to escape in such conditions. Still, enemy can gank Explorers and most of attacks are done on Gates. When player travels through Gate with FTL, they do not know what is on other side. There may be enemy ships waiting for anyone who will try to pass, waiting to attack and loot them.

Explorers can discover unique Items like Blueprints, which can be very valuable. Most of those items Explorer will just resell on market for best price.

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