Farsite Credits and FAR Tokens

Farsite Credits

Farsite Credits — the only legitimate currency, used almost for every action in the game. Credits are stored in your ingame account wallet.

FAR tokens

1000 Credits is 1 FAR token. FAR token will be listed on crypto exchanges where you can buy/sell them for real value. There is a virtual wallet created for every new account in the game that can be used to play the game. However, we strongly recommend using an independent wallet manager like MetaMask with private keys and seed phrases not stored on centralized servers. In short that means you can freely transfer your FAR tokens to your blockchain wallet and use them as you like (example, sell them for other crypto/money on exchanges).

Credits and FAR Tokens in Farsite. ERC-20 Ethereum.

Tech/crypto stuff:
“Operations with Credits are performed on Layer 2, nevertheless Credits could be freely transferred to Ethereum network where they are represented as FAR Tokens. Both Credits and FAR are ERC-20 tokens standing for the same entity in different amounts.

When Credits are converted to FAR Tokens, the amount of Credits is burned on Layer 2 and the corresponding amount of FAR Tokens is issued on Ethereum network. The total supply remains the same. No fees or taxes charged by the game for conversion, aside of Ethereum gas transaction fees that shall be covered by a player.

After the initial distribution, new Credits would be created only by opening a new Crate. In other words, the only way a total supply of Credits or a FAR Token (combined) may increase is when someone purchase a new Crate in the Store.”

Every item in Farsite is player made, and also, every item have value in cryptocurrency. That infrastructure is built using Distributed Ledger Technology. Ingame economy system will be frontdoor for powerful crypto trading opportunity. With more ingame transactions as economy grows, value of tokens on cryptocurrency markets should go up.