Farsite referral code, affiliate or register link

Farsite Referral Affiliate Register Code Link

Farsite has referral – affiliate support with which developers reward players who invite friends and new people to join the game.

Often players who referr others are providing additional support and guidance. Referrers gets benefits only for players who really play and grow properly. There are no benefits for just registering.

That means there are people motivated to work with you and help your goals to grow in game.

So far, this is referral support I offer to all players in team:

  1. Farsite Guide Discord – new players can ask questions there. New important stuff from developers will be announced.
  2. Farsite Guide Website – website you are reading was built to create guides which will explain gameplays, tactics and strategies.

    Its not too much, but still that work was done in months even before game was officialy launched. Plan is to build more guides here, and share with team as we will learn from gameplay.

Farsite Affiliate or Referral Link

When you are ingame, click on Recruits, and there you can see your referral or affiliate link to invite friends in your team. Affiliate link looks like this: https://farsite.club/u/Bombadil

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