Governor Career – Rule the Star System

Governor Career in Farsite - Rule a Star System

Governor acquire control over a Star to set your own rules and collect Credits from every market deal and service ordered on the territory. Hire Mercenaries to force Corporations develop your territory.

Governors are rich players who gathered enough wealth to control a Star. In Star, there can be many Planets with many Sectors and Buildings. Percentage of all trades will go to Governor. Their job is to know everything important on diplomacy, peace keeping or war operations. Their decisions impact thousands of players.

Governor – Ruler of a Star System

So every Star system can have Governor. Some Star Systems are very populated, while others can be empty. There is not much benefits for Governors of empty Star Systems, because Governors collect Credits from market activity in their system. If there is no trading, there wont be enough source of cash for Governors to develop Star. Some Stars can have valuable resources and multiple good planets, while other Stars can be with only dead, unhabbitable planets.

Stars are big systems and they have no limit of players who can be there. Goal of Governor is to start resource gathering and idem manufacturing cycles. Market in Star is empty unless players put items for trade. What attracts more player to some Star? Good markets.

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