Item Production – Core Gameplay Loop

Item Production in Farsite

Item production is the core gameplay loop. Almost every item can be created in the game that requires a combined effort of many players through trading and cooperation.

Constant battle for limited Resources creates a major sink for game items, production of which is the main sink for Resources.

Long story short, items are created by players:
– from Resources or Components (found on Asteroid or a Planet’s Sector or purchased from other player);
– using a Blueprint for Ships and Modules (found in a Crate or purchased from other player);
– in a facility in a Base (constructed on a Planet’s Sector or rented);
– for a tax in Credits as set by a Star governor;
– with Credits as collateral for most types of items (cNFTs).

Production can be established in a special facility or it can be a rented facility, or owned-constructed in a Base operated by a player on his or her Planet’s Sector. Certain amount of Credits is also required to acquire enough power on a Base to operate production facilities. All Resources and Materials can be mined on Planets and Asteroids or purchased on the market. In order for a production to start all the required components shall be delivered to a Constelation where the actual production building is constructed.

Ships, Modules Item Production (cNFT)

In order to produce a Ship or a Module — a Blueprint, Components and Credits are required. Ships are produced in a Shipyard on a Base, while Modules are produced in a Factory building. The larger a Ship or a Module is the higher level of a building required. Part of Credits will be used as a tax and another part staked in a cNFT (that can be released any time when a Ship token is burned).

Consumables Production

Components and Ammunition can be produced without Blueprints and will require only Resources and Credits.

Demand-Driven Economy

Farsite is designed as demand-driven economy, where players are placing purchase orders and contracts as requests for certain types of Resources and items on certain markets in Stations, so anyone can get these assets produced and delivered to receive a granted reward in Credits.

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