Manufacturer Career – build Items, Ships

Manufacturer Career Farsite

Manufacturer Build Components, Modules and Ships. Master rare items for high margins. Acquire Resources from Miners, rent the facilities or establish your own Base. Acquire rare Blueprints for monopoly on an item production.

Manufacturers are super important and highly profitable Career but not everyone can be good at it. It is art of making items everyone needs. It can be huge amount of cheap items, or few expensive, rare items. Everything you produce is cNFT item with real value behind, except ammunition and basic resources (they have value, but not as cNFT).

Manufacturer on higher power are dependent on steady resource flow. They seek for cheap prices and long term reliable providers like Miners or Haulers. Manufacturers can be one of most lucrative playstyle. If you get some unique Blueprint, and if there is demand on market for that item, you could be only provider.

Learn more about Blueprints. They can be Original or Copy. If you have Original Blueprint, you are only one licenced to produce that item. Blueprints, like all items in Farsite have its value in cryptocurrency, in FAR tokens. You can sell Blueprint – licence/right to produce some item. Manufacturers probably needs Blueprints the most of all Farsite Careers.

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