Mining Resources Cornerstone of Production

Mining Resources in Farsite - Cornerstone of Production

Mining resources or resource extraction is the cornerstone of production cycle.

Resources are contained on Planets (within specific locations known as Resource Spots and Resource Deposits) and different types of Asteroids (including Comets and Anomalies).

Resource Sources

Planet Sectors
Resource Spots
Resource Deposits

Asteroids (permanent, yet limited by amount)
Comets (time-limited locations)

Different mining techniques should be used for different locations.

Mining Resources and Source Density

Each Resource source has its Density that defines the initial amount or Resource available to be mined and Current Stock is the amount left to be mined.

Every Resource source has a predefined amount of a Resource that can be received from a source. With every mining run, resource density in the resource source decreases to a % of a contained amount (regardless of mining method), but will never end (on Planets this shall never be zero). That way every run will just decrease the speed (Resources per run).
Asteroid are public sources, so everyone can mine from them rendering their Stock as lower as more players came, that way the first players to mine from an Asteroid will get most of it.

Amount of Resources to be extracted depends on: a Density of Resources in a Spot/Deposit (as defined in config), a building level or a Module specs.

Mining Resources is primary job for Miners.

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