Modules and Ship Upgrades

Modules and Ship Upgrades in Farsite

Modules are essential addition to a Ship Hull — once fitted, a Module provides the spaceship with certain functions and properties. Example, weapons, scanners, shields, mining equip. Every module is cNFT (have value in cryptocurrency).

Module shall be fitted in a corresponding Slot (with corresponding type and size) on a Ship Hull and will use Ship’s Energy to operate.

Every Ship has its unique configuration of Slots with different types and sizes. Installed modules can be detached without any loss, used on any other ship or traded on the open market.

A Module may have modifications called Grades, sharing the same model but varying specifications and color. Every Module Grade beyond the most basic one will have a special plate on top to indicate its grade:

Module color may vary for each item not affecting cetain Module specifications.

Module Sizes
S — Small
M — Medium
L — Large

Large ships can fit much more Modules, and Modules of Higher Levels, which makes ship very valuable.

Modules and Slot Types

Corresponding Slot types to be found on Ships.

Slot Types for Modules in Farsite

Use different ship compositions, depending on your goal. Miners have cargo and mining upgrades. Haulers have cargo, armor Plates. Gankers or fighters will love to use Power Neutralizer and Weapons. Explorers have Radars.