Planet Types and Sizes

Planet Types and Sizes in Farsite

Planet in the Farsite universe is considered a source for Resources (Ore and Minerals) and a place to establish a Base.

Unknown Planets shall be first explored in order to make Sectors available for acquisition. Some Planets are dead and will never have any Sectors or Resources. Explored Planets surface is divided into Sectors that could be acquired by players to establish a Base and excavate Resources.


A number of known Planets in the first “Homestead” Constellation will be available for colonization. Initially all the Planets are considered unexplored and that will be player’s global mission to find and open them. Exploring will open its Sectors for acquisition and reveal Resource spots and deposits.

A Star may contain explored Planets, unknown Planets and dead Planets. Planets vary in type, size (described by Sector size and amount of Sectors) and Resources stock.

Planet Types

Planet type describes the overall look and feel of a Planet. That may also be a characteristic of which Resources are primerely located there.
Organic — contains Earth-like atmosphere, may even have a familiar look, despite the atmosphere may be sufficiently defused.
Toxic — venomous and extreme atmosphere, not suitable for any kind of life.
Volcanic — hot climate, either formed during the vulcanization stage are in the “hot soup” stage.
Stone — stone without atmosphere, may contain water, with no signs of living elements.
Ice — empty surfaces covered with frozen water or gases, still may have a kind of atmosphere.
Gas — surfaceless giants.
New Planet types including exotic ones may be explored over time.

Planet sizes

Planet size is defined by amount of sectors and their size.
S – Small
M – Medium
L – Large


Initially all the Platens are given names consisting of a Star three-letters handle and a Planet ID, like “SOL-12”. A player may set custom names for his explored/governed Planets, that will be added after the Planet ID – in the format “ABC-32-[Custom Text]” (where all the spaces will be changed for “-” symbols) like “SOL-32-The-Earth”.