Farsite Players Wallet and Private Keys

More of tech/crypto stuff you can learn later as you progress. You should read this when you want to learn more on how to connect your ingame account with blockchain wallet to obitain your private wallet keys and to withdraw tokens. In short, Farsite operates within a structure of other famous cryptocurrency called Ethereum (ERC-20 tokens).

Farsite Player’s Wallet

Every item in the Farsite is a token (cNFT) that is owned by a player

Every item in the Farsite is a token (cNFT) that is owned by a player. A wallet is required to store and manage tokens. In start by default game will create players wallet, but player later need to create his own wallet with private keys if he wants to for example sell items/cNFT for other cryptocurrencies/money.

Farsite Digital Wallet
Digital Ethereum wallet allows secure storage of all your game items ensured by distributed ledger technology.

Connect a Wallet
MetaMask browser extension is the recommended digital wallet to play Farsite. Follow these easy steps to create a new wallet:
-Download and install MetaMask digital extension for your browser, create a new wallet or export an existing one
-Open the Farsite website, authorize with your in-game account, go to Profile and select the Wallet tab
-Unlock your MetaMask extension,
-Click the “Connect a wallet” button, authorize the connection and sign a transaction in the MetaMask
-Your digital Ethereum wallet will be connected to the in-game account

You will be able to migrate all the tokens currently held in your virtual wallet. That will allow to securely keep and manage your in-game items. As long as the tokens are stored in your Ethereum wallet the ownership is protected by the blockchain and your private key.

Farsite does not keep or manage tokens in your wallet and is not able to perform operations with your items and Credits without your signature.

About Private Keys

Not your keys — not your wallet.
Please keep your Еthеrеum wallet private key and restore phrase in a safe place. Obtaining this data grants full access to all your game items. Farsite team will not be able to help you restore game items ownership in case this data is lost.

Ethereum Network Fees
Some actions with tokens may require a transaction on Еthеrеum blоckсhаin that may be due to fees paid in Ether (Еthеrеum network сryptоcurrency) to cover gas costs (kind of a fuel on Еthеrеum network) in order for your transaction to be included in the block and stored in the distributed ledger.

Virtual Wallet

Every player’s account will have its own unique virtual wallet created on the Matic Network (layer 2). That wallet allows to store Credits and in-game items without the complicated on-boarding procedures with creation of a Digital Wallet for new players. However, that is not a recommended way to store valuable assets and players are asked to create a secure Digital Wallet to migrate all the items there. Matic Network do not have fees for a player (all the costs are covered by Farsite team). However, once you’ll decide to migrate the items on Ethereum Network a fee in Ether will be required (taken by the network).

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