Recruiter Career – Support for New Pilots

Recruiter Career in Farsite. Support for New Pilots

Recruiter recruits new Pilots and help them learn basics to get started in the Farsite universe. A lifetime share in Credits from every action they perform in the game then may be a good reward.

Recruiter is different type of gameplay, some would say its not gameplay at all, but it is. Since Farsite is Pay2Play game, that means you can earn while playing, some players aim to live out of playing. Introducing new players to the game could be very lucrative investment of time on long run. It is not enough just to recruit someone, but to help them get pleasant experience, to learn basics and become useful member of Farsite community. That is only way for Recruiter to maximize their success.

Everyone can invite players and earn benefits from their activity. Goal of recruiter is to make gameplay nice for new players, to help them find good team and environment to grow, offer them additional support like discord channels or other ways of bonding. Recruit link looks like this: – just replace my nick Bombadil with yours. You can find on bottom left part of screen. There you can see names of players who registered through your link, as well as Creates they used. You will get percentage of Creates your recruits open.

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