Resources in Farsite, Types & Uses

Resources in Farsite is what all the game items are made from. Almost every game item requires some sort of Resource to be produced.

Resources in Farsite

Resource uses:
Craft Components which are required to produce Ships and Modules
Produce Ammunition
Explore new Planets
Upgrade buildings on Bases
Build, upgrade and maintain Stations
Repair and repaint Ships and Modules
Certain Resources and amounts required to produce an item are described in Blueprints.

Resources are contained in Sectors on the Planets, in Asteroids and Comets. A special type of a building on a Base is required to collect Resources from a Planet. A Mining Module on a Ship is required to collect Resources from Asteroids and Comets.

Resources – Types

Ore — Raw Resource (required to be refined)
Minerals — Resource extracted directly from Planet surface or an Asteroid / Comet (refinery not required)
Materials — Refined Resource

Ore can be extracted from Resource Deposits on a Planet’s Sector map. Mineral can be extracted from Resource Spot on a Planet’s Sector map. Resource Deposit and Resource Spot may contain only one Resource.

Ore and Minerals can be extracted from an Asteroid or a Comet – that will require a special type of a Mining module: a Mining Laser for Ore and Extractor for Minerals. A single Comet or an Asteroid may possess only one Resource.