Rewards Campaign for Early Supporters

Rewards Campaign for Early Supporters started with the Moon.Game project — a predecessor of the Farsite game.

Early Supporters Rewards -

Players were offered to acquire Sectors and land plots on the virtual Moon with ETH to build a Base and extract Resources once the game launches. In the course of two long development years we just couldn’t help adding new features constantly elaborating the game concept.

The game has gone far beyond the Moon, so we had to give the project a new name.

Early Supporters Rewards

2,000,000 FAR Tokens (2 Billion Credits) will be minted during Phase II to be distributed between the participants of Moon.Game project.

Rewards Campaign- Credits Initial Distribution

The amount of Credits was calculated as the total amount of Ether spent by Moon.Game project participants with at least 25% premium in today’s ETH/USD prices (that is ~1’000+% premium to ETH/USD rate back in Jan 2019). More importantly, amounts of Ether withdrawn by players from the smart contracts are not taken in consideration – what happened on the Moon stays on the Moon!

Every Moon.Game participant will receive an amount of Credits for the Farsite project corresponding to amount of ETH sent on the Moon.Game smart contracts with at least 25% premium on top calculated in current ETH/USD rates. Sector owners will get Credits at 50% premium.

The emission will be partially locked:

25% available from the day one
50% locked until the Phase IV
25% locked until the Phase V (the game launch event)

The most Credits will be unlocked on Phase IV when Planet’s Sectors will become available for acquisition. Sectors will require a lot of Credits to be acquired.

Project Development Roadmap

Moon.Game project participants will be granted with a number of additional privelegies like a special badge in Discord community and early access to Alpha game launch.

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