Sectors on Planetary Systems

Explored Planet surface is divided into Sectors that can be acquired by players to construct a Base and extract Resources. Sector is a part of a Planet surface representing a construction site for a Base. Each sector has its unique map.

Sectors on Planetary Systems Farsite

Sectors contain valuable resources that can be extracted using special buildings on the Base. Sectors may vary on the number of resources and amount of res contained within.

Acquiring a Sector
Sectors can be acquired by players using Credits freely when a Planet is explored. Sector ownership rights can be traded or transferred to another player with all the contained Resources and constructed Bases. After being acquired by a player a Sector could be used only by that player. Base is publicly available for observation, but no one can build or alter Base operations on the site.

Sectors Map

Each Sector has its own map with predefined Resource Spots and Deposits. A building can be constructed only on spare tiles those collectively forms construction sites. Every sector may require a different strategy to succeed, depending on targets a player have.

Resources Supplies

Resources excavation requires special buildings to be constructed. Only tiles with actual access to Resource Spots or Resource Deposits are capable of having a mining facility. Sectors may vary on density of Resources available on the Planet. Presumably, Resources will never end in the Sector. Each Resource Spot has its own Destiny level that decreases over time that defines an amount of Resources extracted within a period of time. One Resources Spot may contain several Resources.

Sector Sizes

Sector maps vary in size (amount of tiles) and number of Resource Spots.

Naming Sectors

Sector names are always formed from a Star name, planet ID and a Sector ID, like “SOL-12-321”. Sector ID is always at least a 3-digit number, starting at 100.