Ship Hulls, Sizes and Modifications

Ship Hulls, Sizes and Modifications Farsite

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There are plenty of ship hulls and different types of space vehicles available in the Farsite. Weather you’d prefer to soar through the depths of space on invincible battlecruiser or handle precious cargo in a capacious hauler, the choice is meant to be yours.

Spaceship is the main means of transportation in the Farsite universe that is required to travel between Planets and Constellations, move cargo, fight and mine Minerals on asteroids. At least one Ship is required to play the game. Ship Hull configuration defines Slots for Modules. Without Modules a Ship Hull is mostly useless, it has not functions aside of carrying small cargo.

Ship Hull Sizes
S — Small
M — Medium
L — Large

Ship Manufacturers

There are three spaceship manufacturers developing Ship Hulls Blueprints.

Each brands has its specialization:
Morgan — the most common and affordable vessels;
Seybana — the most practical vehicles for everyday tasks;
Sucara — the most prestigious and limited Ships in the Universe.

Ship Hulls – Modifications

Every Ship model may have a number of modifications varying on specifications, Slots configuration and special Perks. Ship hulls have different number of Slots for Modules and requirements like sizes they can fit or Module Type. Ship also generates some amount of Power which is required for Modules to function. Large ships have much more slots for Modules of all types, but that means also they are more expensive. You can upgrade your ship with valuable items, so you need to be careful in open space. Know your limits and be aware of dangers. And there is tons different colour schemes for each modification.

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