Space Flights Mechanic in Farsite

Space Flight Mechanic in Farsite. Regular flights and FTL - faster than light

Space Flights

There are two ways a Ship can travel in the Farsite Universe:

  • Regular flight in the Constellation (exploring Planets, interacting with other Ships, etc.);
  • FTL (faster than light) Jump – a flight between Stars using predefined pathways (requires Fuel).

Regular Flight

Exploring a Star is as easy – point the object and a Ship will follow. While a Ship is in a Star and not docked on a Station, or landed on a Planet it can be attacked by other players.

FTL Jump

Each Gate located in a Star has its pathway on the Stars map. Some pathways may connect Stars from different Constellations. A Ship can not be attacked in FTL. Jumps between Stars in different Constellations are longer and require a way more FTL Fuel.

Space Flights Fuel Consumtpion

FTL flight requires Fuel (that can be acquired only using Credits on Stations). A certain amount of Fuel required for a jump depends on a Ship weight, Power (including Cargo) and a distance between the Constellations. The FTL flight may take anything from a second to a minute, depending on time required to download the assets for the next scene in the game client (almost instant). Flights outside the FTL do not require or consume Fuel.


Gates are controlled by governors and may have additional limitations on Ship types and levels, as well as additional costs to pass throuth. When a player jumps through several Stars a route through the Constellation from one Gate to another may require some real time, while a Ship may be attacked. Time required to fly inside a Star depends on a Speed parameter of the Ship and a distance between objects.