Stars and Planetary Systems

There are many unknown Stars in the Farsite Universe. Gates were constructed in some to open pathaways for travellers to other areas.

A discovered Star with a Gate is always a point on the galaxy map that can be used to perform an FTL jump. Most Stars have Planets (from 4 to 12 Planets on average), however some may have no Planets. Stars and Planets are the persistent part of a System that may not be altered over time.

Stars and Planetary Systems in Farsite

A Star / Planetary System may contain:
Gate(s) *
Asteroids / Comets (sources for rare Resources)
* – mandatory element of the Star that makes it available to be reached by a player.

There is a ‘Sun’ in the center of any Star (Planetary System). Every Star has its unique Sun that is always located in the center, being mostly a decoration for a better visual differentiation, to be shown on a Galaxy Map as well (the same color and size). Sun varies on the size, power and color.

Stars are given names consisting of three letters, like “SOL”. The name can not be changed. All the Planets in a Star will inherit these letters as the first part of the name, like “SOL-32”.

Stars, or suns with planets, can be grouped in Universe map closer to each other. Group of Stars we call Constelation.