Station – Dock Ships, Trade, Store Items

Station in Farsite - Place to Dock Ships, Trade, Store Items

Space Station is a hub for all the operations in a Constellation and a dock for a Ship.

Stations allows for running a marketplace, storing items, refueling and repairing Ships. Stations creates a new spot for trading and storing items in the universe. If there is no Station in a Star players will need to fly to another Star to perform these operations.

Market — Deals can be held there.
Service — Repair a Ship or a Module
Hangar Fit Modules on a Ships
Warehouse — Store items
Parking — Ships storage
Customize — Repaint a Ship or a Module with Paint

Refuel a Ship for FTL flights

Every action on a Station requires some Credits from a player. A share from every action will be transferred directly to a Station operator, another part of Credits will be burned.
Stations can be constructed by a player or a Corporation, that will require a lot of Resources and Credits.

Only some Stars may have Stations. They are expensive Items, cNFTs and it is possible to transfer/trade ownership of a Stations to another player. For Station is important to be well connected with other Stars and Constelations, to have access to resources and planets. That will attract new adventurers who will then use your Station as a hub for all operations.

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