Storing Items and Contracts

Storing Items and Contracts

Storing Items is great way to just hodl your asets or investments. All the items in the game are location-dependent. That means if you need an item in one place, and it is located on another, someone have to bring it there. That can be done by a player or by a mercenary.

Every item in the game has its weight (volume) that describes its ability to be stored on a certain Ship. Each Ship has its basic bearing capacity that allows to carry a few amount of goods. In order to increase the volume of goods a ship can carry it should be equipped a Cargo Module.

Items can be stored:

on a Station
in a Ship
on a Base
Store services on a Station may require some payment in Credits. When you consider fact that even Stations can be destroyed and attacked, Storing Items then become important security priority. Players who use Station have great incentive to defend it against any type of attackers.

Total weight of a Ship including its cargo also affects amount of Fuel required for an FTL Jump.


Contract is an offer to accomplish a task created by a player to be performed by another player for a reward.

Contract types:

  • deliver goods (owned by other players) from a Station or a Base to another
  • deliver a certain amount of Resources or a component to a Station or a Base
  • revenge – destroy a Ship for a bounty

Rewards are defined in Credits. Conditions for a player to accomplish the task may apply (like a requirement to pledge Credits, a Ship’s size, modules or power).

Contract conditions are written in smart contracts so there is no way one side can fake it.

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