Trading Tokens, ERC-721, cNFT

Trading Tokens in Farsite; ERC-721, cNFT

Trading Tokens in Farsite is built using Distributed Ledger Technology with all the game items being cNFT: ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens owned by players.

Every item in the Farsite Universe can be traded on internal game market or external exchanges.

Internal Markets

Farsite features its own NFT marketplace that will become available for players on Phase V of the project development.

All the settlements on the internal marketplace are settled in Credits.

All the items in the Farsite Universe are location-dependent, so are the markets. Each Station represents a marketplace – in order to be traded on a market an item shall be first delivered there on a Ship. The number of Stations will grow over time as players will be able to build new ones to get a share from every trade.

Players will be able to put buy and sell orders on most types of items on Stations to highlight the demand for certain items in certain places. The marketplace supports unique tokens (like Ships and Modules, each with its unique texture) as well as countable tokens (like Components and Resources).

Trading Tokens on External Exchanges

Items could also be traded on external NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Most likely, going through Customs will be required to ensure an item is not pledged and will not be hauled to far away Station.

FAR Token (Farsite currency like Credits you gather by playing) will be listed on several centralized exchanges and liquidity pool markets within time.

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