Careers in Farsite Universe

Careers are different playstyles in Farsite. To name few; Hauler, Miner, Manufacturer, Military, Explorer, Governor, Recruiter, Politician, Trader. Do what you like the most. To build productive manufacturing cycle, community on Star Station must have enough resurces.

Miners are core of item production. When you have a lot of resources stockpiled on marked, when they dont sell or get used fast enough, Hauler could see opportunity to transport cheap priced Resources to other Stars. As long as there is enough resources on Market, Manufacturers are happy, bc that means they can buy Resources cheap to produce more valuable items, ships or modules. Governor will administer taxes on star, those rare players will look at game from much different angle, since their mission is to have strong Station with a lot of people and markets full of items and resources. Explorers simply to not care much about close grouped players near popular Stars and Stations – they go deep in space to find exotic items and materials. Recruiters introduce Farsite to new players, offer them help and support like in Corporation in their first days, and in return they are rewarded with ingame items. Traders, wherever they are, they look at market prices to buy low and sell at higher price. Politicians and Military Careers are close together, bc Politicians mostly start wars with goal to conquer new territory, while Warriors, Fighters or in short, Military fight those wars and enjoy in war loot.

Manufacturer Craft Components, Modules and Ships

Manufacturer Career – build Items, Ships

Manufacturer Craft Components, Modules and Ships. Master rare items for high margins. Acquire Resources from Miners, rent the facilities or establish your own Base. Acquire […]

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