Farsite Guide For Beginners

Farsite Guide For Beginners

As Im writing this Farsite Guide for Beginners there game is still in development phase.

Every item in the game is created by a player using materials found by a player. All the items in Farsite universe are owned by players and could be traded freely on the open market. Ownership rights are ensured by the blockchain where every item is a token (cNFT) stored in player’s digital wallet. All that gives us persistent virtual universe with player-owned and player-controlled economy running in a trustless environment.

As soon as game launch, or I find insider info, I will make Farsite guide in PDF or in one page, so be sure to check this page out later if link is not here present.

Farsite guide for Beginners – Basics

First Youtube video, Farsite Basics. As you can hear my English is not best, but there is potential to be better. Just some practise and in few videos it will be much better.

In this video you will see how early access looks like. Game is still locked and we can only read game info and do Airdrop tasks. Airdrop tasks gives you Score which unlock items and in the end Powerful Starter Ship. Game has referral support which means you will get rewarded when players start playing through your link. As you know by now, Farsite is Pay2Play game, so everything you do here has real value in cryptocurrency – read money.

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