Military Career – Fight your Way to the Top

Military career Farsite - Become a Pirate, Fighter, Mercenary

Go for Military Career and become a Fighter or Pirate to collect loot from random victims or serve as a Mercenary to help Haulers and Traders safely pass dangerous territories. Form Fleets and create coalitions with Corporations.

Military Career players will have several equipped battle ships in hangar ready to go. Small cheap attack ships can be used by anyone, but only most skilled players will have honor and opportunity to pilot mega, huge and expensive battleships. To build some of those beasts it would require big team effort over long period of time.

Corporations are like alliances, every participants share similar goals. Inside Corporations you can form Fleets with other teammates. Big teams and expensive battle ships are needed to conquer important enemy targets.

Military Career, fights and Wars are the most expensive and most lucrative activity in Farsite. Every player who likes PVP will go for Military Career. They will seek for PVP Corporations to find group of players to raid together. Big ships are much more expensive, and have a lot of Modules. Modules can be very expensive, in theory more expensive than ship. When ship is destroyed, it will leave cargo and some of modules, components.

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