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Play2Earn Games – Get Paid to Play

With great blockchain technology is easier than ever to build so far unimaginable products and services, which in end increases opportunity for gamers to earn while playing. Play2Earn Games like Farsite can be reality for every gamer/entrepreneur who takes it serious. Economy is huge, community needs all kind of manufacturers, miners, producers, traders, transporters and logistics which will support huge and costly war operations.

Play2Earn Farsite, via Tokens on Ethereum ERC-20 and ERC-721.

Just to name some of Major item types:
Blueprints (NFT, ERC-721) — a licence to produce an item in the Farsite universe;
Ship Hulls (cNFT*) — a space vehicle required to explore the universe;
Modules (cNFT*) — provides a Ship Hull with powers and functions;
Components (NFT, ERC-721) — what Ship Hulls and Modules are made from;
Resources — what Components and Ammunition are made from;
Ammunition — consumable in fights;
Crates (NFT, ERC-721) — container for items, acquired in the official Store or via Airpdrops;
Stickers (NFT, ERC-721) — exclusive decails for a Ship.

* Ship Hulls and Modules are cNFTs (ERC-721) with Credits (ERC-20) locked inside the token.

Credits — the only legitimate currency in the Farsite Universe, used almost for every action in the game.
FAR tokens are premium currency which can be earned through ingame activity (trading), or simply buy FAR for other crypcocurrencies like ETH, Bitcoin etc. FAR tokens will be listed on crypto-exchanges where we will buy/sell them.

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